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Abuse of the elderly in nursing homes is often referred to as "the hidden crime" for several reasons: It is often difficult to recognize; it can been concealed by nursing home staff; and the victims may be too frightened or incapacitated to communicate the abuse. Nursing home abuse refers to the physical or emotional abuse of the elderly and other vulnerable adults that takes place in residential, long-term care facilities or nursing homes. It is also sometimes referred to as institutional elder abuse.

The Office of the Inspector General has categorized seven types of abuse sustained by the elderly in institutional settings:

  • Physical abuse - infliction of pain or injury, including sexual abuse.

  • Misuse of restraints - chemical or physical control of a resident not in accordance with accepted medical practice or orders.

  • Verbal/emotional abuse -demeaning statements, harassment, threats, humiliation or intimidation.

  • Physical neglect - disregard for the necessities of daily living such as food, water, bathing and basic care.

  • Medical neglect - lack of care for existing medical problems, such as ignoring a necessary medical diet, not calling a physician when necessary, being unaware of potential side effects of medication, or not taking action on a medical problem.

  • Verbal/emotional neglect - not meeting the patients' verbal/emotional needs including disregarding patients' wishes or restricting contact with family and friends.

  • Personal property abuse - illegal or improper use of a resident's property (funds, property, assets) by another for personal gain.

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