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Personal Injury: Defective Products

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We believe that companies who place profit above people must be held accountable for their negligence and the damage they cause to innocent victim's lives.

Product Liability: The Salchow Law Firm has a reputation for helping people and families that have been devastated by:

  • Defective auto parts, such as air bags, door latches and seat belts

  • Car fires caused by defective fuel lines, gas tanks or electronic components

  • SUV rollover accidents and roof crush accidents

  • Unsafe agricultural and farm equipment, such as power take-offs, augers and other equipment

  • Defective machinery and tools

  • Unsafe work conditions (such as equipment missing guards or violating OSHA safety standards).

  • Medical products and devices

  • Pharmaceutical products/prescription drugs

  • Dangerous recreational products, such as all terrain vehicles (ATV) and personal watercraft.

Companies sometimes sell products with known defects because their research tells them they can settle injury cases for less money than it would cost them to change the product. In these cases, our goal is to make a difference, so that the injury doesn't have to happen to anyone else. In other words, our attorneys will try to change the way these companies do business.

The Salchow Law Firm has established an impressive record of success in personal injury cases, and will work tirelessly to help you obtain compensation for your injuries or loss.  Contact the Product Liability Lawyers at the Salchow Law Firm to discuss your liability issues today.

You have a limited amount of time to file a personal injury claim or you may lose your ability to recover damages now and in the future. Please see our Deadlines Page for more information on claim time deadlines.



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