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Personal Injury: Serious Injury from Medical Procedures

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The Harm That is Done

Medicine is a complicated and varied field so it is impossible to provide a comprehensive list all of the types of malpractice claims. However, the leading types of malpractice claims include:

Restitution for Harm

Damages are intended to help you return to the condition you were in prior to the injury. There are several forms of damages that you may recover in a medical negligence award. These include economic (for lost wages or medical expenses), non-economic (for pain and suffering), or punitive (to punish reckless behavior) damages. You may also receive compensation for future medical expenses and loss of future earnings. Punitive damages occur only in rare cases when it is proved that the medical practitioner had malicious intent.

Medical negligence claims are one of the most difficult areas of litigation, since the negligent action must documented and proven within specific guidelines. Only a skilled medical negligence attorney has the experience and resources to thoroughly investigate and validate your case. Salchow Law Firm's medical litigation attorneys can help prepare your medical personal injury claim, wrongful death suit and any other lawsuit where a healthcare practitioner may have caused harm to you.

We know you may hesitate to pursue your case out of concern about litigation and its effect on rising medical costs. Hopefully, you will take solace in the fact that while medical costs have increased by 113% since 1987, the amount spent by the healthcare industry on medical negligence insurance has only increased by 52% over the same period of time. According to the director of insurance for the Consumer Federation of America, insurance companies are raising rates because of poor returns on their investments, not because of litigation and justice.

Time is of the essence with these types of cases, and contacting the experienced attorneys of Salchow Law Firm can help you make informed decisions about your future.

You have a limited amount of time to file a personal injury claim or you may lose your ability to recover damages now and in the future. Please see our Deadlines Page for more information on claim time deadlines.



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